Dog Care Industry Links: 


If you'd ever consider adopting a rescue dog (or cat), Battersea Dogs & Cats Home may be the right choice for you. It was founded by Mary Tealby in 1860 and was in fact, the first real Dog Home for stray dogs in the UK.

Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, specialising in rehoming hundreds of dogs every year. Again, should you ever wish to adopt a dog, this could also be a good place to start.




Local Vets Links:


Norwood Road Veterinary Surgery in Herne Hill has decades of experience when it comes to looking after your pet's health and is highly recommendable!


Another local vet is of course Brockwell Vets, Veterinary Surgery and Pet Store, which is situated right in the heart of Herne Hill (and next to Brockwell Park).



Animal Care Industry Links:


       The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is one of the                        largest charities in the country when it comes to animal rescue. They are here

       to help all animals, both pets and those living in the wild, and is a very useful                                           point of contact, should you ever come across an animal in pain and distress.


         On a larger, international scale there is of course WWF, World Wide Fund for 

         Nature, which was founded in 1961. This organisation is highly active in 

         preserving and helping all endangered wildlife animals in the world and has in 

         recent years also played a vital role in the Climate Change debate. If you wish 

         to follow their work projects and perhaps to make a donation, it would be a 

                                  good idea to sign up and become a member (and receive their regular