The walk is not just a walk. It's so much more than that...


Love Dogs knows full well the importance of interacting and playing with every single dog, whether that is in a group or solo walk. Simply having fun! The dogs LOVE this (and so do we!) and that is why a positive energy is always one of our top priorities.


Furthermore, in a group walk Love Dogs always ensures no dog is left out in any way. All dogs will be given equal amount of attention and affection. That to us is just as important as the walk itself...


Sometimes a bit of dog training is also incorporated into the walk, such as teaching the 'Leave It' method. We know that the more we encourage and praise your pet, the more it wants to learn :)


All dog walking services take place locally in Herne Hill and Dulwich Village, South London (mainly Brockwell Park, Dulwich Park, Belair Park and Ruskin Park). Sometimes we walk to the park and other times, we drive there, depending on the number of dogs in the group on that particular day. If we drive, we'll always spend at least one hour in the park. And for safety reasons, we use dog harnesses in the car (not pet cages).


Please note, that Love Dogs only use eco-friendly, biodegradable dog poop bags as we strongly believe in safeguarding and protecting our natural environment as much as we can. And of course, we always have small treats in the bag plus water for the dogs on those hot summer days!




Love Dogs is very pleased to introduce a new Dog Sitting Service in your own home as well. Unlike dog day care facilities where your pet will stay in someone else's house with other dogs, our Dog Sitting Service means that your beloved pet will be able to stay at home in it's safe and familiar surroundings, plus it will be given undivided attention and affection at all times!


We consider this new Dog Sitting Service to be extremely helpful and important as most dogs have a tendency to feel stressed, nervous and sad when their owner is away from home. So being able to stay at home (instead of taken to a kennel or dog day care) will be less stressful for your pet and we are certain that this will also have a positive impact on you, the owner, knowing that your dog is at home in safe hands while you're away on a short business trip or holiday. 







Dog Walking in a Group (max. 4-5 dogs per group):

- duration is min. 1 hour

- 2 times per day from Monday to Friday (Early Slot: 11AM - 1PM/ Late Slot: 2 - 4PM)


Dog Walking Solo (1-2-1):

- duration is min. 1 hour

- time slot to be arranged on an individual basis


Short Visit:

- duration is 30 minutes

- include feeding, play time, cuddles, letting out in garden and a short walk


Dog Sitting (in your own home):

- duration from 1 hour up to 24 hours (max. 3 days)

- include feeding, play time, lots of cuddles, letting out in garden and walks







One Dog per Group Walk: £15


One Dog per Solo Walk: £20 


Short Visit: £12 


Dog Sitting: Please email us your specific requirements and we will send you a quote.









* Please note, all bookings are subject to availability.

** For Group and Solo walking, minimum 2 walks per week is compulsory.

*** Different rates apply for all services taking place at weekends and on Bank Holidays.

**** For Terms & Conditions, please click below link at the site's footer.